Mike Willis - Ink jet printheads, systems & applications

Founder of Pivotal Resources and editor and publisher of Directions, Mike has worked on the development of ink jet technology for over 25 years, including the initial research that led to the formation of Xaar. As well as being lead consultant for Pivotal Resources, Mike regularly lectures on ink jet technology, particularly printhead technology, ink supply and nozzle maintenance issues. For Directions Mike carries out the initial patent searching and filtering, and reviews the hardware section which covers printhead technology, drive waveforms, systems issues and applications. He has a BSc in Photographic Sciences from the Polytechnic of Central London.

Directions Authors

Meet the experts who review patent applications and industry news for each issue of Directions reports.


Dr Phil Bentley - Ink jet ink technology

Phil is responsible for ink jet ink technology patent reviewing for Directions. He is CTO at Conductive Inkjet Technology, responsible for a number of multi-disciplinary projects. Phil has been involved with all forms of ink jet technology, has developed a wide range of products for a variety of “difficult” applications and is the inventor of a direct metal printing technology. He graduated from Loughborough University of Technology in 1995 with a BSc in Chemistry with Polymer Science Technology. Phil has a PhD at Sheffield University, studying the synthesis and characterisation of liquid crystalline electroluminescent polymers for polarised display applications.


Dr Clare Conboy - Ink jet media technology

Clare reviews media technology patents for Directions. She is an associate of Pivotal Resources and has a long experience with a wide range of digital technologies, working with inks and toners. In particular she has worked for Plastic Logic and Xaar, in both companies formulating inks and media coatings for graphics and thin film electronics applications. Clare has a BSc degree in Chemistry from the University of Liverpool and a PhD in chemistry from the University of Kent researching new ion exchange resins for ion chromatography applied to anions.


Tom Ashley - Industry news

Tom, President of Pivotal Resources USA, is responsible for the Industry News section of Directions. He has spent more than 35 years in electronic printing and imaging, in research, development, marketing and consultancy. Tom also directed the research and writing of the landmark study “The Future of Paper” and is widely known for his conference speaking. He began his career with IBM developing one of the first ink jet printers. Tom holds an AB degree in Mathematics and Chemistry from Transylvania University and a MS degree in Physical Organic Chemistry from Marshall University, with additional graduate work in management at the University of Kentucky.



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Commercial Intelligence from Ink Jet Patents